Easy Way To Search For Specific Images - Aircraft / Crew?

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Easy Way To Search For Specific Images - Aircraft / Crew?

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Thought I'd post this as an example of how we can 'get lucky' with finding details quickly.

Bob, one of valued researchers made a post about Halifax W7805 and crew. I did a quick search on the aircraft and within one minute, I was fortunate enough to find the actual aircraft and maybe the actual crew. On top of that, I also mange to find the aircraft being bombed up on the day of the operation that Bob was inquiring about. Very lucky indeed. This is not always the case. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1823 .......

As someone who sources many photo images, some very specific ones at that, I tend to do all my searches through, google 'IMAGES'.

The reason for this is, rather than read through text, this way, you can see an images straight away and if you are looking for an actual aircraft or crew / crew member, if it is on the net, I trust you will find it quicker looking at 'IMAGES'.

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