Link Trainer Scenic Cycloramas

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Link Trainer Scenic Cycloramas

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I found this article the other day and wondered if anyone has come across any photographs of the scenic cycloramas mentioned:

"At the beginning of the Second World War, because of the fear of bombing raids on our cities, cinemas and theatres were shut. The companies who had relied on supplying theatre equipment had to seek alternative work. The firm of Fitups Ltd. of Manchester (later to become Watts & Corry Ltd.) was in 1940 operating with the north of England branch of Strand Electric (later to become Rank Strand Electric). The staff of these two firms included joiners, scenic artists, draughtsmen, engineers and electricians. They were versatile in their approach at finding suitable work. Representatives were sent to the Air Ministry to try and obtain camouflage work. This was not available, but a contract was won for the design and manufacture of painted scenic cycloramas for Link trainers. The target screen at Crail (Scotland) is part of the extensive Scheduled Ancient Monument on that exceptionally well-preserved Second World War airfield."

Source: ... ton-oxford

I have seen one IWM photograph (which I think is Crail) but wondered if there were any others.


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