Bomber command memorial vandalised

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Re: Bomber command memorial vandalised

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I feel we could get our Country back - if we try hard enough. Have you noticed how all of a sudden it is permissible to discuss immigration?
Well said David. FWIW (and slightly off topic but following on from the above) although William Haig advertised in the Grauniad last week for a £120,000 p.a. 'Special Representative for Climate Change', in general the legions of greens, media, public agencies, politicians and landowners who have cashed in mightily on this scam (both for reasons of wealth and political control) are now in retreat on all fronts (e.g. ... e-unt.html. At least when King Cnut waded into the sea to 'turn back the tide' it was specifically to show his minions that their anointed couldn't hope to control nature. No such luck with Cameron-the-Cnut.
Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change
Location: London Based | Salary: Up to £120k | Employer: FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE
As a senior government official you will speak on behalf of the Foreign Secretary at home, but particularly abroad, focussing on building political and economic support for action based on a shared understanding of the threat climate change poses.
Apply now
The Grauniad - Jobs, 20/05/13

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Re: Bomber command memorial vandalised

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Interesting read regards Global warming Richard. Climate change has become quite profitable for some :o

Regarding the memorial vandalism, I found this quote from the Daily Mirror a revelation
The Metropolitan Police said the incidents were being treated as criminal damage and called on anyone with information to call Westminster CID via 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Given that the UK has now become a tinderbox due to the barbaric incident that took place in Woolwich last month. Should this sad individual if caught? be charged with a more suitable crime such as incitement to religous or racial hatred? This to me, seems to have been his main intention when he sprayed the words "Islam" on the stone.

The Met police realised the inflammatory potential of this message, that is why they ordered it covered up.
Source Getty Images
Source Getty Images
islam-bomber-command.jpg (17.69 KiB) Viewed 1111 times
This picture reminds me of a similar incident that took place in London in the autumn of 1888. Following the murder of Catharine Eddowes by Jack the Ripper, some graffiti was discovered on a wall in Goulston street nearby to the murder scene. There was also found a piece of the victims petticoat that the killer cut from his victim and had used it to wipe his hands and knife. This was found in a shop doorway discarded close by the message.

There is some debate as to what the message actually said or indeed the spelling of some words. The accepted version reads " The juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing" This was immediately ordered to be washed from the wall by then MET police commissioner Sir Charles Warren. It is not known if the graffiti was related to the murder but, realising the potential to cause anti Jewish feelings in the east end, it was removed!

The miscreant knew what he was doing when he wrote those words and the the police knew the damage it could cause to our communities. We have a abundance of hate laws in this country to deal with this individual. I am not sure of the maximum custodial term he can be given but, that's what he should receive.
The charge needs to fit the crime and most certainly,.....the punishment!

Its about time we brought back the Defence of the Realm act section 18b! for the rest of the 5th column of hate mongers.

They picked on the wrong guys when they picked on Bomber command.

Strike hard, Strike sure!

"Rule Britannia two tanners make a bob,three make eighten pence and four two bob"!

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Re: Bomber command memorial vandalised

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It has to be the case that those working in the climate change domain have a job for life and then some. And quite a cushy time generally.

Very profound Tom, the chap who put up the graffiti was not just a yob who happened to find a can of spray paint -much more sophisticated. And with callous intent.

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