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Photo ID

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The photo below is believed to show a returning crew of No.218(Gold Coast) Squadron on return from Essen March 11th 1945. I have my doubts about it being a 218 crew. None of the association recall the airman, however that is not unusually having 30 + crews, 200 plus aircrew on the squadron at the time. Question,does anyone recall seeing this photo before and what were the details?


Crew returning from Essen March 11th 1945 via Miles Tripp - Copy.jpg
Crew returning from Essen March 11th 1945 via Miles Tripp - Copy.jpg (206 KiB) Viewed 1431 times
No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron 1918-1945
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Re: Photo ID

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Steve, the only clue here is the number plate ............. if you can identify it, tack it with the motor transport department ............. you may just get somewhere.
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Re: Photo ID

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Its certainly a great image and new to me. The camouflage scheme on the Ford WOT crew bus looks to be late war period, early 1944 0n.
I wonder though if this picture is from March 1945? and does it show a crew returning from an operation?
Looking at the expression on their faces, does it show relief at getting back or uncertainty at what is to come?
Their hair looks a little to neat to me considering they have been wearing sweaty flying helmets for hours?
The flying gear worn in the photograph seems to be a little light for a raid at March time. Only one crew member has a flying suit on, not an Irvin in sight?
Also, the airman 2nd from right is wearing a scarf loosely around his neck. Does it look as though it has been tied yet? Has he recently put his Irvin parachute harness on and that is why the scarf is pinned behind the straps? He also has his side cap tucked into the epaulette on his battle dress jacket. Are this crew getting ready to board their aircraft?

Sorry, I've been absolutely no help at all! :oops:

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