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Error in Carters DFC Book

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:49 pm
by smudgersmith218

While researching a Aussie chap who operated with 623 & 115 Squadron and was awarded a DFC for completion of a tour over the winter of 1943/44 (a bloody miracle) I noted that both Carters DFC book and the DFC awarded to Australians by Maton both have him down as serving with 113 Squadron, Carters also have his service number incorrect.

I have never come across incorrect details in both excellent books before!


Re: Error in Carters DFC Book

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:44 am
by K4KittyCrew
Hi Steve, without looking further are we talking about Cherry Carter, who flew in G for George ( Lancaster in Canberra, Australia ) ?