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218 Squadron Crash location

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:57 pm
by smudgersmith218
Dear all,

In Bill Chorley's BBL 1943 (page 149) the location is recorded as the Operations Block at RAF Chedburgh on May 14th 1943 at 04.00hrs. However the Control Log of RAF Chedburgh (Air14/3358) states that EF367 crashed at 03:40hrs while in funnel No.3. Chedburgh's Fire Tender reported that the aircraft crashed in Hays Wood and gives a location of 52 11 32 N / 0 39 0 E. These coordinates position the crash site 1/2 a mile north east of Chedburgh, around 300mts NW of Plumpton Hall.

My Form 1180 Accidents Cards are currently on loan so I am unable to check them.

Any help or advice most welcome.