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I am so sorry I did not respond to your last post on the 31st July 2011 re the crash that killed Albert Denzey 14/5/43 (my fathers brother) but I thought I must have got about everything there was to get and since then have not been back to the site.

Looking at you last two posts I am now very confused. Its been a while since I last read over everything I had found but I was under the impression the plane that crashed into by uncle was BF480 -I for India and was piloted by Sgt Bill Carney having crashed landed after being hit by ground fire over the target. I even got an e-mail from a relative we did not know we had, who sent me a picture of the plane by the ops block and a picture of Albert (similar to the one we have in our family) and a report of what had happened over Bochum which lead to the crash.

You mention chatting off line ( I have sent you this via that method as well) because of the confidential nature of the accident and have posted the two additional items (the log book and the official combat report) but they seem to be of a different plane altogether. You also mention the names of two distinguished flyers - where does this all fit in?

Is there more to this than I am aware of?

Again really sorry for not responding sooner, I thought the case was closed but am know intrigued again!


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