190 Squadron crew fate ?

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190 Squadron crew fate ?

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Just started some research into the following crew, I am aware of what happened to the skipper, but interested in the remaining crew, 38 Group is not my area of research. Can anyone with a interest in 190 Squadron confirm if the crew survived their time with 190 Squadron, and where they were posted?



Sergeant Stanley Darbeyshire

Sergeant Stanley Darbyshire (Rested)

Original Crew

Sergeant K Newcombe Navigator
Flight Sergeant C Lane RCAF Wireless Operator
Sergeant D Brown RCAF Bomb Aimer
Sergeant P Mayfield Air Gunner
Sergeant J Graham Air Gunner
Sergeant F Bell Flight Engineer

No.1657 Conversion Unit NFD
No.623 Squadron 14.11.1943
No.199 Squadron 06.12.1943
No.190 Squadron 02.03.1944

No.623 Squadron

25.11.1943 Mining EF204 IC-E DCO

No.199 Squadron

20.12.1943 Mining LK397 EX-P DNCO
22.12.1943 Abberville (V1 Site) EF153 EX-Q DCO
29.12.1943 Mining EE995 EX-L DNCO
06.01.1944 Mining EF505 EX-R DCO
21.01.1944 Abberville (V1 Site) EF138 EX-S DNCO Collided with Stirling.
27.01.1944 Mining EF941 EX-U DNCO Engines overheated.
04.02.1944 Special Op EE943 EX-V DCO
08.02.1944 Special Op EE943 EX-V DCO
11.02.1944 Special Op EF141 EX-Z DCO
13.02.1944 Special Op EF459 EX-X DCO

No.190 Squadron

06.05.1944 SOE “Paul 93” LJ829 DNC
05.06.1944 D-Day LJ823 “M” DNCO DZ not found
06.06.1944 Horsa Towing Caen LJ823 “M” DCO
18.06.1944 SOE LK431 DCO
11.07.1944 SOE LJ823 “M” DNCO DZ not found
No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron 1918-1945
The Nomads

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