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Re: New Moderator - Halifax

Post by K4KittyCrew »

Riskey and Gate1,

If you want to keep on his good side, think of 'Halifax' being a pilot. Now think, would he turn to 'port' or 'starboard' ? If you want to know the answer, just ask his local publican!
Of course, this is all pure innuendo and gossip .............. and I won't have anyone speaking ill of my good friend, David.
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Re: New Moderator - Halifax

Post by gate1 »

Well Ive been good so far, but unlike my previous Squadron, the CO doesnt leave nasty messages in my inbox, accusing me of things only he can apparently see... ;)

As for the moderator, I did ask the publican, and all he said was that Halifax only ever spoke of a corkscrew...

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Re: New Moderator - Halifax

Post by ME453 »

Poor old David, sadly gone beyond it! He's "confused" and doesn't know his left from his right....and as soon as you mention "port" he reaches for his corkscrew....see Alex's post! Life can be so cruel. :lol:
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