Just Jane -21 April 11

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Just Jane -21 April 11

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I just thought I would mention that I visited RAF East Kirkby Museum on Thursday ,I was hoping to have visited RAF Coningsby as well ,but after driving through heavy traffic M 25 ,A1 A15 . and at 04.30hrs ,where it was clearish ?? I decided not to hang around too long at E / K before driving back to Hampshire , which was annoying as I had promised myself the Full works !!!! -Lancasters ! . Well anyway , I got talking to Fred Panton about having Jane "Air bourne " , It was pleased to tell me about New Undercarriage Gear , New Engines x3 ,brought from America ,is that Canada he means ?? . and the Runway s will be re-seeded ? . I was a bit lost to the fact that after watching a DVD about PA 474 being stripped right down to every nut & bolt Refurb . To keep her Air worthy , What State must Jane be in after all those years under her blanket of Ali. Have any tests been carried out on the Air frame to see if Hopefully !!! Jane is ready to take to Flight again . I rather think its going to take a bit more than under carriage ,Engines & Welly boots -tyres to make her once again operational . Sorry to sound disappointed , but its not a publicity gimmick by telling the public about Jane being made Air worthy . I hope & prey we will get to See "Just Jane " take to the skys again ,but after the DVD , It seems like to me its possible to turn Stone Henge into a concert hall , I have studied closely the DVD of PA 474 being rebuilt & ex-rayed during her rebuild programme ,nearly everything had to be re-newed ,and thats after years of Rebuilds and Money being given to her . NX 611 didnt get much of that in her day , if she did ? not to the same Standard . this important work will be done at the back of a Hanger . I hope this will work NX611 belongs in the air ,but if it goes sour the Museum will go . I think If I had their Money ,I would contact Coventry ask them to come and pick Jane up ,and take her to Coventry ??? . Sorry to sound dispondant ,am I being too "Riskey "

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Re: Just Jane -21 April 11

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Thanks for your post, Riskey. Sometimes, when the media get onto things like this, they may portray every angle but the truth so we the readers may get an misguided opinion and or alike.
So .............. whatever the current circumstances are with 'Just Jane, I'd much rather get the truth, whether it is good or bad, from someone like yourself, who has a genuine interest in the project, as opposed to a reporter, who may not know of all the details of the said aircraft. ( no offence to the media people, but unless a full history is known of the 'subject' a distorted view may be forthcoming.)
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