Bob Wilton said"come back" I have.

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Re: Bob Wilton said"come back" I have.

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Hi Ludford , Im hoping to see Jane back in the UK , but we can sort something out between us all nearer the time . Ludford Im glar your about . Im a bit short on memory these days :lol: :oops: but was it YOU that gave me the Bomb Cap :?: Ive got it in a Glass cabinet in my ,What airfield did it come from :?: :?: Riskey

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Re: Bob Wilton said"come back" I have.

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Hi Mike ... sorry for the lengthy wait for a reply ... yes it the bomb cap was one that I gave you on Jane's visit ... came from Woodhall Spa.... will try to attach a photo... but I think it all goes to photobucket and my PC settings through work block these out :evil:
Cheers Gary
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