W/Cdr Ken Wallis

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W/Cdr Ken Wallis

Post by smudgersmith218 »

In the dear old DM.

Have met W/Cdr Wallis a number of times, great bloke. Lives in the most wonderful house in Norfolk.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... medal.html

Good for you Ken !!!
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Re: W/Cdr Ken Wallis

Post by kookabat »

This photo, taken from that article, of the Wellington with all the 103 Squadron crew in front of it I've seen before...


The pilot of my great uncle's eventual 467 Squadron crew did a tour with 103 first... he's in that photo, front row, first on the left.
There's anther slightly less formal photo taken on the same day with the aircrew standing all over the aeroplane.

Knew I recognised it!
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Re: W/Cdr Ken Wallis

Post by halifax1 »

Yes - agree an amazing chap - he is almost a neighbour. He was/is an incredible engineer and his achievements remarkable - the Canberra might have been scrapped if it were not for him! Rather a good sense of humour too. But in fact the award is a clasp - and frankly I think it sells all the fellows a bit short?

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Re: W/Cdr Ken Wallis

Post by Oggie2620 »

There is a nice section at Flixton Museum with some of his autogyro's. He also had a Facebook page and there are some great pictures on there!

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Re: W/Cdr Ken Wallis

Post by PAFG »

A wonderful character - sad to say his obituary is in DT today: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituar ... allis.html


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