RAFVR WW2 and beyond

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RAFVR WW2 and beyond

Post by Mary »

I'm researching Bertram Thomas Elwell born 1896
He likely served in army in WW1 service number M2/264400 but appears in London Gazette post WW2 as Pilot Officer until 1960 service number 206245.
I find no private pilot licence. Could this be the same man?
The name seems to be unique though there is also a Bertram Elwell without a middle name.
Without a squadron number I'm not sure where to look.
I'm hoping he was on Stirlings at some point ...
Any ideas please?

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Re: RAFVR WW2 and beyond

Post by colinpateman »

Obviously Pilot Officer Rank will not indicate he was a 'Pilot'
His Officers service number does not allow any reference to enlisting unless you found it on the LG, I have great trouble searching on that myself !
Have you any other clues I am struggling to offer anything with this.


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Re: RAFVR WW2 and beyond

Post by AlanW »

Like Colin, i struggle with the LG ever since it got it's new format, but i have found him (20th May 1955,Supplement 40485,page 3004) with the Training Branch in 1960, with an appointment to a Commission as F/O on 5th March 1955. Other notices include 20th March 59, extension of service for 1yr, and 20th Sept 60, retaining rank of P/O, all notices have him with Training Branch. The other Bertram Elwell without a middle name that you mention, was a Bomb Aimer with 75sqdn, killed on 15th April 43.
There is no paralell in warfare, to such courage and determination in the face of danger, over so long a period. Such devotion, should never be forgotten.

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