Lancaster PB634 / SR-U...

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Lancaster PB634 / SR-U...

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Hello gents,

the Arbeitsgruppe-Vermisstenforschung is searching any informations to Lancaster-3, PB634 / SR-U, from no. 101 Sqdr., shot down 28.12.1944 in the Bonn-area / germany. PB634 was an ABC-Lancaster with a special operator on board ( R.D.King, RAFUR, 1892478 ), KIA .
We search the crashsite in the Bonn-area and any informations about this Lancaster and crew.
All crewmembers died by crash... ( buried at Rheinberg / Hotton-cemetery )
Pilot FL W.K. Parke
Sgt. W.G. Classen ( misses jakalyn Classen asks the AG about informations in 2015 ...)
F/O C.M. Buell
F-Sgt. J.B. McGregor
F-Sgt. C.R. Bradley
F-Sgt. B.V. Cobbett
F/O K. Gibbs
ABC-operator R.D. King

Lancaster PB634 / SR-U
Lancaster PB634 / SR-U
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Re: Lancaster PB634 / SR-U...

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Hello Karacho, here some details from the squadron / aircraft.
'Ludford101' ( forum member ) is the man to speak to.

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