Ww2 airfield discovery

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Ww2 airfield discovery

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Hello all.

Not been on here for a while. I have been researching my local airfield Boreham Airfield from ww2 that had the 394th Bomb group part of the 9th usaf airforce stationed there in 1944 B26 Marauders flew from there
The airfield is sadly a gravel pit now and making way for houses. Most of the run ways have been ripped up and buildings demolished.
I located the former officers club which still stands but the administration buildings and sick bay have sadly been knocked down.

My father and I have metal detected the footpaths where Nissan huts were present to house personal and homeless after the war and I wanted to share a find with you it is a USAF button of some sort I think I am right maybe you can help. Time is running out before the land becomes people's gardens.

I went for a walk the other day most of the airfield has gone like I said and is agricultural land but it used to be a race track after the war. Rubble from buildings and standing stations still can be found.
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