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Looking for 149 Squadron Photos

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:43 pm
by asherzsmith

I've been looking really hard for more information on my great uncle and I've found lots in records which has been great, but I was wondering if there were any photos of him and his crew? My family and I might have an idea of what he looks like but we're unsure. I'll leave his information down below. Any extra information or help is greatly appreciated!

For more information on him check here: (Shows his fellow servicemen)

Thank you!

Name: Sgt Stanley Lawrence Noakes (Larry)
Age: 23
Date of death: 09-08-1943
Service Number: 651655
Aircraft: Short Stirling III
Serial Number: BF512
Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group: 3
Squadron: 149 (East India)
Trade: Air Gunner
Country of Origin: United Kingdom