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Identities Sought

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:38 pm
Good morning from New York. My late grandfather Denis Lloyd (1915-2006) was the sole survivor of his 7 Squadron Stirling bomber crash on August 25, 1941. I have been conducting research for several years, and last year travelled to Trier, Germany and located the crash site. My research has changed course a bit, and I am now carefully dissecting his war time log and attempting to make contact with the families of those he referenced during the time he served. The attached picture is my latest project. I have made contact with the family of Ernie Halestrap (far left) and Denis is second from the left. I am now attempting to further identify Jack Foster, Joe Cassidy, and Harry Gibbons and not having much success. If anyone has any input or suggestions I'd be most appreciative. This picture was taken at Dumfries gunnery school in 1940. Mr. Halestrap was 214 Squadron but I'm not sure about where Mr. Foster, Cassidy, or Gibbons served. Thank you!