Guestbook Request - Sgt T.E.Warbey 15 Sqn

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Guestbook Request - Sgt T.E.Warbey 15 Sqn

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John (London, United Kingdom)
on 21/11/2011 at 23:12
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looking for any info on a relative named sgt T.E.Warbey.He was on a mission to Gelsenkirchen in a stirling bomber with squadron 15 and they were shot down on the 26 june 1943 at0221 by a nightfighter.
A request for information from our guestbook ..........
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Mark Condron
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Re: Guestbook Request - Sgt T.E.Warbey 15 Sqn

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Hi John, are you still looking for information about Terence Warbey? I also have a relative in this crew. Regards

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