Fairey Battle target tug

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Re: Fairey Battle target tug

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Hi Max,

My limited opportunities to chat with the very few survivors at the reunions over the years made me realise the naivety of those young crews. I honestly think that either did not realise or want to realise the serious limitations not just of the Battle, but the whole concept of daylight bombing . Part of the blame I think should be shouldered by the group commander of No.1 Group and later AASF, out dated tactics even by 1939 standards and an almost obsessional belief that what was taught in the class rooms of RAF Cranwell had to work, it did in WW1 why not in WW2 !

The tactics used were found to be fundamentally floored as soon as they arrived in France, however continue they did, even after heavy losses pre-May. I agree with what you say Max, it was murder, however I think the blame cannot just directed at the Battle. Tactics, an inability to adapt and learn from losses and limited RAF fighter squadrons in France all contributed to the carnage suffered by the Battle crews. One thing is certain, their courage was unsurpassed.

I should point out that these comments relate just to 218 Squadron.


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Re: Fairey Battle target tug

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I guess it was the flawed concept of "the bomber will always get through". We learned it through bitter experience, the yanks didn't believe us though. Sidney Shail's "The Battle File" documents the Battle operations in France and Belgium thoroughly, highly recommended.
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Re: Fairey Battle target tug

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A first class model and a great story. The CA model is not for the faint hearted and I think this one is a great example of what can be done given skills and discipline. I've a soft spot for the Battle and here is my attempt in 1/72nd to correct the elderly Airfix moulding, http://www.relishmodels.co.uk/forums/in ... ?hl=battle


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Re: Fairey Battle target tug

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Good day Sir,

I'm a very new member here and this is my first post/reply. That is a wonderful example of the Fairey Battle. My Uncle was lost on a training mission in Scotland flying the very same.

Great work!

My pages, particularly for the most recent project, ND968G Lancaster III can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/87402723@N03


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