Another Dam Book !!!!

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Re: Another Dam Book !!!!

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highnoon1966 wrote:
in other news, we have placed Stirling Squadrons in Focus and Luftwaffe Crash Archive on hold until the new year
According to Wing Leader Books it looks like The Stirling Squadrons in Focus will now be out in May, The Luftwaffe Crash Archive Vol 1 on March 1st and they have no date for the Dambuster Archive


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Re: Another Dam Book !!!!

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Here's another one by the lovely Steve Darlow (who is donating 10% of money he makes plus anything for book signings to the Bomber Command Memorial: ... +to+return

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Re: Another Dam Book !!!!

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gate1 wrote:Why thankyou...!

Well its moving. Mine will be (at the moment) three volumes. The first in five sections covers the aircraft and bombs, with some stunning CGI images of the Lancaster developed from the original Avro engineering drawings. Vol 2 concentrates on the Squadron, with profiles and photos of all the men involved, with the last being a day by day account of the training period, showing who flew what, where, when and in what aircraft.

Still a bit to do, but its started going over to the publisher, and should be published a couple of months into 2013.
Has it been published yet?


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