St Vith to Victory : 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron

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Re: St Vith to Victory : 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron

Post by K4KittyCrew »

I just want to congratulate Steve on his book.
Steve, as a foundering member of this forum, has contributed much to this forum.
He is a wealth of knowledge and l'm very pleased he has decided to put pen to paper.
Best wishes on the book, Steve.
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" There is nothing glorious about war with the exception of those who served us so valiantly"

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Re: St Vith to Victory : 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron

Post by Bruno »


We are honoured and proud to have you among us.
Kind regards.

Bruno LECAPLAIN, Webmaster.

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Re: St Vith to Victory : 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron

Post by smudgersmith218 »

Bruno, John,

Thanks for the kind words, certainly not required, or am I in anyway worthy of them.

We all do our own bit in our own way, we all have the same aims and objectives, to honour those who served and died with Bomber Command.

Anyway, I expect a lot of flak, in the book I said No.5 Group was over-rated.......................................................joking :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron 1918-1945
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Re: St Vith to Victory : 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron

Post by 149NUTS »

Well Done, Steve!
Your persistence has paid off. A long and lovingly created story is now brought to life. I salute your efforts.

Alan F

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