Attack Hitler's Bunker (Short Stirlings at Large) - 99 cents (99p) this weekend!

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Attack Hitler's Bunker (Short Stirlings at Large) - 99 cents (99p) this weekend!

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You probably won't see this book free anymore but with only 2 months left before all profits going The Stirling Aircraft Project Charity until 10 September, its your last chance to get it cheap AND contribute to the building of a Stirling Replica cockpit.

The book features Short Stirlings, carrying Hawker Hurricane IIs piggy-back style to Berlin and an immense amount of research went into development of the book, which is as authentic as I could possibly make it. The description on Amazon includes a short review by John Lathwell, who heads work on the current restoration project.

The piggy-back idea had been tried by Shorts already with the Mayo Composite flying boat in the 30s. Here's a video if you are interested:

The book is only 99 cents (or 99p in the UK) on 4 July but will rise through $1.99 after a day or two and go on rising until it returns to its usual price of $2.99 on 11 July so don't miss it. This link will take you to the book on the Amazon store in your country:

Incidentally, the book has just been accepted for translation and distribution in China.

Here is a brief descriptions:

Rudolf Eineger was left with his finger inside a dead body. Repulsed, he withdrew it and wiped it on the black SS tunic.

Richard Earlgood, maverick RAF fighter pilot, and Michael Dorfmann, an ambitious Luftwaffe double-agent, plan a daring daylight attack on Adolf Hitler using Hurricane fighters, piggy-backing on 4-engine Stirling bombers to reach the almost completed... impregnable... Führer Bunker in this WWII fiction book.

ImageAnna Styles, a Station X decoder, had a romance with Dorfmann at Oxford and is being forced to 'handle' the double-agent. She still loves Dorfmann but she has fallen for Richard too. This single raid to bomb Hitler's Bunker could win the war, but only one man can win Anna's heart.

Most of Hitler's staff simply don't believe such a raid is possible but one ruthless SS officer will stop at nothing to catch Dorfmann and defeat the British.

Men, machines and passions will be stretched to the limits,

in a raid...

that will shape...


Attack Hitler's Bunker! The RAF secret raid to bomb Hitler's Berlin Bunker that never happened - probably.

Fans of 633 Squadron The Dam Busters, Valkyrie, The Eagle has Landed Where Eagles Dare or even the WWII simulation game War Thunder will love this white-hot roller-coaster wartime action thriller through the streets of Wartime Berlin on a bombing mission that will make your hair stand on end!

All profits from sales of this book until 10 September 2015 will go to The Stirling Aircraft Project Charity, a project to build a Short Stirling front fuselage section from as many original parts as possible, in commemoration of the people who designed, built flew and maintained this historic aircraft.

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