A Thousand Shall Fall

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Re: A Thousand Shall Fall

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Thank you both for the above.

It's a book that I'll add to my get-one-day list.

The 214 Squadron site is a good one but in all its images I've yet to come across a BU-H, which is why the cover of the book sparked my interest.

Having looked at the 214 Squadron ORBs held by the National Archives for Jan-Aug 1942, I found it interesting to see how many different aircraft were flown by a crew, rather than actually having an aircraft they could call their own. According to the records (while accepting there may be errors), my great-uncle Richard Kerry flew missions in two different Wellingtons and eight different Stirlings (BF330 BU-H being the aircraft he died in), with R9323 (possibly BU-R) being the most used.

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