Supply of Documentation and alike .........

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Supply of Documentation and alike .........

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Being that Bruno has now opened this 'Documents' section, I wanted to take this opportunity to make members aware that all 'their own' information, provided by members, belongs solely to that individual and is only loaned to the forum for use, on their behalf.

I have heard of situations on other forums, where members have loaned / shared documentation to the site, only to have such material claimed as being owned by the site.

This will NEVER happen here.

If a member supplies 'their own' documentation and then at a later stage, decides he or she wishes to have such details removed from the site, we will oblige forth width.

The Stirling Aircraft Society Forum prides itself with offering members a friendly & informative environment for which members can share a rewarding experience.
Should a member be removed from the forum by the Moderators, again, the same principals apply.

The point of this exercise is for members to fill completely comfortable with supplying 'their' documentation.

Please note All documentation supplied by members as 'their own' material' must have their 'CREDIT' listed on the post .......
.....example ( ie: This document / photo, has been supplied by k4kittycrew )

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