299 bomber command

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299 bomber command

Post by nwalton10 »

hi, my late father was attached to 299 bomber command during the second world war, I use to have his flight book but after a marriage break up it was lost. Would anyone know or have any details of my father's command or him

Captain Edward John Walton, I think his service number was 19591

thank you so much for any help, I am so glad to have found a site like this

Nicholas Walton

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Re: 299 bomber command

Post by K4KittyCrew »

Hello Nicholas and welcome to the forum.

I know l and other members have posted some details of 299 Sqn over the years but l'm not aware of any ORB's ( operational record books ) or as such.
I know some aircraft and personal have been posted but just a few l would imagine.

These details below are from Wikipeadia ................

No. 299 Squadron RAF
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No. 299 Squadron RAF
Active 4 Nov 1943 – 15 Feb 1946
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Branch Air Force Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Air Force
Role Special Operations
Part of No. 38 Group RAF[1]
Squadron Badge heraldry No badge authorised[2][3]
Squadron Codes X9 (Jan 1944 – Feb 1946)[4][5]
5G (Jan 1944 – Feb 1946)[6][7]
No. 299 Squadron was a Royal Air Force squadron during the Second World War and was part of No. 38 Group.

1 History
2 Aircraft operated
3 Squadron bases
4 Commanding officers
5 See also
6 References
6.1 Notes
6.2 Bibliography
7 External links

Short Stirlings of Nos. 196 and 299 Squadrons RAF lining the runway at RAF Keevil on the evening of 5 June 1944 before emplaning paratroops of the 5th Parachute Brigade Group for the invasion of Normandy
No. 299 Squadron was formed on 4 November 1943 form 'C' flight of 297 Squadron at RAF Stoney Cross, Hampshire as a special operations squadron. It became operational in April 1944 dropping SOE agents. During the Normandy landing the squadron first delivered paratroopers, and then returned to air-tow 16 Airspeed Horsa gliders across the English Channel. The squadron continued operations with resupply drops until 10 June when it returned to SOE duties. In between the SOE duties the squadron air-towed Horsa gliders for the Arnhem landing (Operation Market Garden), and the Rhine crossing (Operation Varsity). It was also involved in supply-dropping to resistance forces in Norway until the end of the war. At the end of the Second World War the squadron disbanded at RAF Shepherds Grove, Suffolk on 15 February 1946.[8][9]

Aircraft operated
Aircraft operated by no. 299 Squadron RAF, data from[2][8][9]
From To Aircraft Version
November 1943 January 1944 Lockheed Ventura Mks.I and II
January 1944 February 1946 Short Stirling Mk.IV
January 1945 February 1946 Short Stirling Mk.V
Squadron bases
Bases and airfields used by no. 299 Squadron RAF, data from[2][8][9]
From To Base
4 November 1943 15 March 1944 RAF Stoney Cross, Hampshire
15 March 1944 9 October 1944 RAF Keevil, Wiltshire
9 October 1944 25 January 1945 RAF Wethersfield, Essex
25 January 1945 15 February 1946 RAF Shepherds Grove, Suffolk
Commanding officers
Officers commanding no. 299 Squadron, data from[2][3]
From To Name
4 November 1943 28 December 1943 W/Cdr. R.W.G. Kitley
28 December 1943 19 September 1944 W/Cdr. P.B.N. Davis, DSO
19 September 1944 1 November 1944 W/Cdr. P.N. Jennings (acting after KIA of W/Cdr. Davis over Arnhem)
1 November 1944 31 December 1944 W/Cdr. C.B.R. Colenso, DFC
31 December 1944 September 1945 W/Cdr. P.N. Jennings
September 1945 15 February 1946 W/Cdr. R.N. Stidolph
See also
No. 38 Group RAF
List of Royal Air Force aircraft squadrons
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Rawlings, John D.R. Coastal, Support and Special Squadrons of the RAF and their Aircraft. London: Jane's Publishing Company Ltd., 1982. ISBN 0-7106-0187-5.
External links
Wikimedia Commons has media related to No. 299 Squadron RAF.
299 squadron page at 38 group site
299 squadron at MOD site
squadron histories for nos. 296–299 squadron at RAFWeb's Air of Authority – A History of RAF Organisation
K for Kitty Crew - Winthorpe, 1661 HCU's - stirlingaircraftsoc.raf38group.org/
630 Squadron - East Kirkby
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Leading Aircraftman
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Re: 299 bomber command

Post by nwalton10 »

thanks you so much for that. I remember a few stories my late father told me, he was based at times in Iceland (Reykjavic i believe) and also crashed landed in India. He didn't even tell me he was a captain until i found it online after his death, in a book called GHQ liaison regiment. He was number 15 patrol commander (whatever that means)

So great to find this site and thanks again K4kittycrew

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Re: 299 bomber command

Post by Sabre »

Hi Nicholas,

I am not sure how much you have searched the web but I managed to find probably the same reference as you in a book by Asher C J Pirt titled GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom) and on page 51 of 2 General Headquarters Liaison Regiment Central Mediterranean by the same author referencing to No 15 Patrol lead by Capt Walton. Further searches on this theme may lead to more information on the activities of this regiment which appears to be connected to Special Forces, this could be the connection with 299 Sqn RAF who delivered troops by parachute and glider during D-Day, Arnhem and Rhine crossing. Wiki identifies actor David Niven as a member of this regiment.

It maybe that the squadron you are looking for is 299 Signal Squadron or 299 Parachute Sqn Royal Engineers British Army due to the comms connection with the Liaison Regiment.

A request to the army records office could possible show more of his service history.

Hope this is of assistance.


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Leading Aircraftman
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Re: 299 bomber command

Post by nwalton10 »

Cliff thank you so much for your time and effort posting that information


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