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Re: 149 Squadron Photos & Details

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Re photo No 6.
That photo is in my father's photo album. It is on a page with: Lakenheath April 1944.

Seated: Neil Frank Stock NZ 42475, you have identified Brian Harold Julian AUS 420622, Hubert Crawford "Jock" Barlow NZ 42285.

Standing behind Frank Stock, E(rnie) Craigie 169877 (identified from other "Ernie" photos and a wedding photo "Ernie & Pat".

The other three are probably the other three members of Dad's regular crew on Stirling EH993 (based on the 149 squadron Lakenheath Operations Record Book, until the end of his 1st tour May 1944):
P D E Cooper 1891585 (but I suspect more likely Patrick Bertram Ernest Cooper 1891588 - a mistake in the record would be repeated)
G R Davies 1583666 - Geoffrey Richard Davies 1583666
E G Hunt CAN R160910 - or, as another source at UK Archive suggests, Edwin James Hunt 1609010.

Dad's second tour was with 199 Squadron at North Creake on Halifaxes, but I think his favourite was the Stirling (he brought a wooden model home).

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